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Catching up with the Pope

SuperBruni, the 1st Pope of Downhill, Lolo, the Batman of Downhill. He goes by many names, but we simply call him Loic Bruni, one of the best downhill mountainbike riders to ever walk the earth, hailing from the French city of Nice. 

While 2017 wasn’t really his season when it comes to World Cups, the World Championships are a different matter. Winning his second Championship in three years is a feat of it’s own, so we had to catch up with him to get the story behind the man, the myth, the legend (in the making).

If you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to race, what would you be doing right now?

I would have done anything to race, cause racing is what I love, but if i was not a pro racer in MTB, I think I would have a completely different life on the social side. Like more normal, more regular days, studying and hanging out with mates. I would love to study design and still try to travel a lot, but just without the bike. I would have loved to go abroad and do little jobs to simply learn life before I would figure out what I really like and where I feel good.

If I wasn’t racing, I would hopefully be able to start my own business and be successful!

© Jan Kasl / Red Bull Content Pool
© Jan Kasl / Red Bull Content Pool

How did you start ( riding your bike)?

My dad was a rider and I wanted to ride to ! So he got me a bike and I was riding it everywhere with him. Then i wanted to race and do more…

How old were you when you got your first sponsor?

My first sponsor came along when I was 15. I got a downhill bike from Sunn, but in co-factory, so I had a good discount but still had to buy it ! I feel like it’s the way it works, especially when you’re a kid and you need to learn and show what you’re capable of. Some people seem to forget how hard it is to have sponsors and stuff, when you’re so young and you are pretty much noone…

© Miles Holden / Red Bull Content Pool
© Miles Holden / Red Bull Content Pool

What has been the best moment of your career so far?

There are so many amazing moments, but especially the ones when the whole team has a good day and you get into people’s mind as the best group ever! But if I had to pick one, I would say Andorra 2015.

Now time for a little advice: how do you conquer the fear of big jumps?

Jumping is not that hard, the big ones are often well built, so you don’t risk that much. But you go bigger and bigger, then the jump has to feel doable. If it seems doable, then you’ll jump it with confidence and the result will not be too sketchy!

Make sure to follow Loic on Instagram as he prepares for the upcoming season and let us know who we should feature next!