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BYB Telemetry: the professional telemetry system for MTB

BYB Telemetry is the world’s first professional universal telemetry kit for mountain bikes. It detects the motion of the suspension and other dynamic parameters of the MTB while riding. It allows visualizing the movement of the suspension, in order to base the setting on quantitative information instead of feelings.

BYB Telemetry connects wirelessly to an app or an advanced visualization software. It tells you how to turn the knobs of your suspension to provide you with the perfect suspension set-up, according to your needs and the track characteristic.

BYB Telemetry is developed in the racing environment and it’s similar to the technology used in the downhill UCI World Cup from the factory teams. Nevertheless, it has a user-friendly and straightforward interface, aiming to make the best personalized suspension set-up accessible to everyone!

Suspension technology has drastically evolved in the last years, reaching an incredibly high standard of quality and performance, but also complication level. We all spent hours and hours chasing the optimal tuning. With more tuning parameter available on every suspension system, finding a proper suspension set-up is not a straightforward operation.

Every rider would like to have a perfectly balanced and smooth bike on a rough or technical section. In fact, an optimal set-up can make the difference concerning chronometric feedback and fatigue. This is true for the professional but also for the amateurs riders.

With BYB Telemetry we want to deliver you the best possible setting of your suspension, accordingly

to your needs and the features of the track.

These are the benefits that you will get when you use data instead of feelings:


Want more info?  Check out their Kickstarter project page:





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