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Box One DH 7-Speed Twin Shifter and Derailleur






Downhill racing, or even just bike park use, puts some unique demands on a drivetrain, and while a standard setup can certainly work well, there’s something to be said for a compact gearing range and the shorter, burlier derailleur that it allows. Box has followed that recipe for their new One DH Twin Shifter and Derailleur, with it making use of a much shorter cage than the standard One derailleur, an updated clutch system that hopefully provides much more chain tension, and forged construction.


The new derailleur is meant to be paired with 7-speed Box Two cassette that features an integrated spoke guard, much like an X01 DH block, and the fresh 7-speed Twin shifter. Cog spacing remains the same as on an 11-speed cassette, so their standard chain will still play nice. The 7-speed derailleur will retail for $174.99 USD (which is the same as their standard 11-speed One derailleur), while the Box Two 11 – 24 cassette costs a reasonable $49.99 USD.