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[REPORT] Bikepark Kasina – UPDATE

Last time we informed you about something new already growing in Poland. It’s a completely new project – Bikepark Kasina in Kasina Wielka, near Krakow.


Right now, all we know (and can tell you) is that something has already been happening there since September 2016 and we just want to inform you how big this project and what is happening there now.

So… Okay, so let’s start from the beginning…


There will be more than 10 trails ranging from some DH tracks, A-Line, B-Line, natural singletracks, a family trail and a special trail for all of you who have big COJONES (I think that might just be the trail name right there). There will be a lot of really, really big jumps and it will be a very fast trail. In short, whether you’re a beginner or pro rider, there will be a spot for you.



Kasina used to have a small bikepark, but it’s about to get a lot bigger – 96% of the trails are built from the ground up.

Right now, the build crew has built about seven trails and are working throughout the winter to get the job done as soon as possible. That’s right, while the skiers are having fun on the slopes, the Kasina crew is in their diggers and outside in sub-zero temperatures just so that you’ll have something to ride during summer.

photo credit: Piotr Staroń / @staronphoto

A while back, the 2016 European Champion – Sławek Łukasik – visited the crew in Kasina and has the following to say about the build so far:

“I visited the guys in the forest and I was extremely surprised with what’s going on in Kasina. They’re building a lot of trails for different levels of riding – there’s flowy trails, big gaps, technical elements and some really sweet DH trails. I’m hoping this will be the perfect spot for my practice runs. I hope that the guys will keep building sick trails like this and can’t wait to ride it.”

photo credit: Piotr Staroń / @staronphoto

As the main builder – Arek Perin – told us that he wants to see all of you in 2017, and he hopes that you’ll love the trail as much as he does and that they can keep building trails as well as (and here’s the kicker) give you a chance to get some practice laps in with downhill legend Chris Kovarik.

photo credit: Piotr Staroń / @staronphoto


photo credit: Piotr Staroń / @staronphoto

From all of us here at Downhill24, we wish the build crew all the best, we’ve got our fingers crossed and we want to thank all of they guys for working long days, no matter whether rain, snow or shine to make sure that Poland will be able to add another sick bikepark to the list. We’re building this together (well, we type, they dig, but you get it).


photo credits: Piotr Staroń / @staronphoto