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[BIKE CHECK] Evil Offering + Trust fork and Push shock

Here’s a short review of the bike written by its owner followed by the specs. Enjoy!

With this build, I wanted to assemble the bike the I could ride in any scenario. Whether it is steep loose DH chairlift laps, dirt jumps or after work XC rides, I wanted a bike that could do it all without adjusting anything. This is my creation that fits the bill.
Starting at the Frame, I chose the all new Evil Offering. This frame is insane. Light, stiff and pedal efficiency second to none. I enjoy the ride qualities of a 29’er, along with how fast it rolls. this frame is the bike park assassin!
Moving to the suspension selection. As you may have noticed, my fork looks a little bit different than the traditional fork you are used to seeing. the Trust Performance Message is a whole new breed of suspension. Not many people know, but I helped bring this fork to life along side Dave Weagle and crew. Putting all bias aside, this fork rides like a whole new category. The biggest improvements i have noticed is the increase of front wheel traction while cornering, and the ability to stop faster than ever before. It is a crazy sensation while riding this thing. Pair this with the Push Elevensix in the rear, you have an unstoppable combination. Call the trail police… there has been a berm murder!
Another important piece to the puzzle is wheels and tires. Smoothness is the name of the game on my bikes. There is nothing smoother than the Enve M735 hoops. These things carry so much speed when hitting corners, while still maintaining compliance and traction. What I am most stoked on with their new rim strip. With this, I can run a lighter casing of tire without getting the usual pinch flat. I didn’t believe it at first, but after a full season of zero flats on the same light weight tire, I am a believer. Another cool thing about the rim strip is that it makes the whole wheelset quieter. Quiet bikes are fast bikes.
Speaking of quiet, I have the wheels laced to a set of Onyx hubs. If you don’t know, Onyx Racing produces silent hubs with instant engagement. Yes, literally instant engagement. Climbing a tech section with these is awesome, you always have power when you need it! To keep the bike stuck to the ground, I choose Maxxis to wrap the wheels with. My choice is a DHF up front and a DHR II in the rear.
As the cockpit goes, I am running the ENVE M7 bar and stem. This is Enve’s new enduro bar and stem combination, with a 35mm clamp diameter. I have noticed an increase of stifness when landing a big jump, while still maintaining compliance and vibration damping through the chatter sections.
Last piece to the puzzle is pedals. I have tried many clipless pedals over the past few years, but nothing has matched the new Time Speciale 12 Pedals. With controllable tension and two float options, these things rule! I always clip in, even when riding dirt jumps, so i need a pedal where my foot will stay in.

The full specs:

– 2018 Evil Offering, size medium
– Trust Message fork
– Push Elevensix rear shock
– Enve M730 hoops
– Onyx instant engagement hubs
– Time Speciale 12 Pedals
– Enve M7 stem
– Enve M7 bar, 800mm
– Maxxis DHF 29×2.5 front
– Maxxis DHR II 29×2.3 rear
– ODI Ruffian Grips
– X0 Cassette
– X0 Cranks with Dub Bottom Bracket
– X0 Derailleur
– XX1 gold chain
– Sram RSC brakes, 180mm rotor front and rear
– Reverb Stealth
– Raceface Aeffect Saddle

Mike: thanks for sharing ! ! !