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The Best Bike Videos of 2016

Another year over, a new one just about to begin, and that only means one thing – it’s time for the Downhill24 2016 round-ups. In this edition, we’re taking a look at the Best Bike Videos, as chosen by the Downhill24 crew. There’s a couple expected ones, and a few more obscure ones.

The unanimous crew choice 

Video by Rupert Walker

I think we all know why this made it in, no need to kid ourselves. Brandon Semenuk keeps pushing the level of biking and his bromance with filmer Rupert Walker ensures that the rest of us – the not worthy – are always supplied with an endless stream of bike bangers!

The Photo Team favorites

Our photo team is easily pleased; they just need great visuals AND great riding. Sunset backflips, early dawn suicide tucks, that’s the stuff we’re talking about. Or it just needs to be hilarious, like in the case of “Fun is Serious Business”.

Another Rupert Walker and Brandon Semenuk creation, this one takes a turn for the weird, but it’s experimental and has some great riding in it, so what’s not to love?

Connor Fearon and Aggy got together for this great edit showcasing the 27.5 Kona Operator in it’s natural environment – BC backcountry. Not only does this feature great riding, but the color matching between the forest, the ride and the rider is impeccable, not to mention that set of turns at 1:10…hot diggity damn…

If you want one video that showcases the spirit of those that are addicted to biking, Fun is Serious Business hits home. It’s all about letting the good times roll when you’re not on the bike and then shredding trail once you mount that non-guided missile we call our love.

Bas and Tom van Steenbergen, Carson Storch, Brett Rheden, Ryan Howard, Mitch Ropelato and Thomas Vanderham – that’s a list of riders ready for mayhem! Normally, tracks built for video parts are torn down once filming is complete, but the Rhythm track in Big White is something creator and builder Bas van Steenbergen will be able to enjoy for quite some time as it will be open to the public come 2017 bike season!

Remi Thirion is a badass, but we knew that. Add the Commencal Meta V4.2 to the mix, along with an epic line and amazing backdrop, and you get a banger edit. We love how the neon yellow of the Fox lid stands apart from the shades of grey that Remi is rocking in this edit. Calm, yet fierce. Just like the Meta V4.2.

The Writer’s Choice

We’re sure you could take your Super 8 camera to Coast Gravity Park and you’d still turn out a banger edit. Just make sure to pack Brendan Howey in the trunk.

Bikes, colored smoke and Ludo May give us a very creative combo. You’ll just have to watch the video to see what we mean. Oh yeah, and Ludo just shreds hard…

Best Video Series

We’ve got to put a little disclaimer here: some of our favorite videos are the team videos that are filmed during the UCI racing season, and both the Santa Cruz Syndicate and the YT Mob rocked it this year (a lot of fun and dope riding), but the award for the best video series of this year has to be #LastOrders, Steve Peat’s retirement gift to the bike community.

North vs. South is hilarious, and features the likes of Brendan Fairclough, Liam Mason and Ben Deakin, guaranteeing

Staff Picks! (The Honorable Mention section)

Great tunes, great riders and some kick ass visuals – it really is a simple recipe.

Something from the neighbors to the South. This was shot on an iPhone, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this hilarious edit! Make sure to watch to the very end.

Danny MacAskill – nuff’ said.

Townie shreds, it is possible! Road gap…not a (big) problem. Fabio Wibmer hit internet stardom with this one (and quickly followed it up with that crazy video of him balancing on a rail of a 200m high dam). We see big things in the future of this young Austrian ripper!

In Memoriam













The downhill world lost a lot of amazing riders and characters this year. Stevie Smith, Kelly McGarry and Zarja Cernilogar will always be in the hearts of many, many downhill addicts. Ride on, brothers and sister, ride on!

So there you have it, those are our picks for the Best Bike Videos of 2016. Let us know your favorites by dropping them in the comments!