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Ben Moore – Orange Bikes

Ben is slowly but surely creeping his way into the big names of the sport. From crazy viral videos blasting down shopping centres to narrowly brushing past dogs as he races his way down urban streets, to simple bike edits , you can be sure you have seen one of his videos!
So let’s kick it off..


Name: Ben Moore
Age: 26
Where do you live? Poole, Dorset.
Title Sponsor: Orange mountain bikes
Other Sponsors? Kaiser Baas, Bloc eyewear, noba event intelligence , for goodness shakes, heal to toe, TF tuned
Local places to ride: Tidworth freeride park, 417 project, Forest of Dean
Favourite places to ride? The Alps
Past times aside from bikes? Tinder girls


What would your average diet consist of? Lot’s of everything to be honest. I’m not strict when it comes to food, I like a good meaty pizza with a few beers but always back it up plenty of salad, fruit and veg.

What would your normal gym routine be? I spend most hours on cardio. This helps to extend my lactic threshold but I then have set days for sprint, strength and explosive training.

What got you into riding bikes? Many things but the main two have to be. 1) The thrill and adrenaline bikes give me. 2) The legend and all round sport ambassador Chris Smith.

How old were you when you started racing? I competed in my first race when I was 17. Not as young as many would think!

Favourite bike to ride? That’s a really tough question as I love the whole new range from Orange. At a push I’d probably go for the Alpine 6. It takes riding to a new level and it is extremely versatile!

What bikes do you own? My 2017 fleet is a shiny one! I’m riding the 324, Alpine 6, Clockwork Evo, Crush and RX-9.

Bar mounted Kaiser Bass action cam
Bar mounted Kaiser Bass action cam

Have you any other talents besides bikes? Ask my ex girlfriends!!!!!! I’m a keen runner and have run hour marathons. I’m also very much into my cars and claim to be a good driver but don’t all us blokes claim that?!

Which riders inspire you? Chris Smith is who I grew up watching and admiring, he’s a great example of what young people should aspire to be. Both on and off the bike he is a role model and all round nice guy. I’m also a huge Danny Mcaskill fan but I can’t imagine there is anyone out there who isn’t!

Looking back on the past few years, where would you have pictured yourself now? My goals were set and I was absolutely determined to make it as a factory rider for a British manufacturer (yes, there was only one brand in mind!) Although my mind was set on this I still can’t quit believe it’s working and I’m racing and representing the company and legacy I grew up watching.

What were some unexpected hurdles you had to face to get here? Injuries are unfortunately expected in this sport as we all know. However, I didn’t expect to pick up quite the amount I have over the past few years. It’s really held me back but I take it on the chin; it’s all part of the game, right?

At what point did you think you could ride bikes full time? This time last year I truly believed I could do it and was getting close. Some mentors and close friends also had the faith I could do it then in December 2015 I signed for Orange mountain bikes.

Orange being your title sponsor, does it make you feel proud to represent a British brand? Incredibly proud is an understatement. I’m very patriotic but I’m also a huge fan of the Orange morals and the way they operate. Representing them outweighs any other life achievements to date.

If you were to start your journey again, what would you do differently? Crash less! Haha, the only thing I would do different is start younger.

What is your favourite part about being a professional mountain bike rider? I love travelling, meeting other riders and hearing their stories all over the world. I also love riding some of the best bikes in production too!

What might be some future ambitions/goals? I really want to hold a world record and have had my eyes set on a particular one for quite some time. Keeping it under wraps for the time being though…

During the summer you had a crash resulting in a broke collar bone. What is the hardest thing when coming back from an injury like this? The hardest thing is the sheer amount of hours spent doing the physio rehab. It’s feels pointless and goes on and on but the end result and the thought of getting back on a bike is what makes it all worth it.


We noticed you are currently in the process of making a film with Ariel, the car manufacture. Can you tell us more about this? Yes! I can tell you that the filming is all done and neither myself nor the driver had an accident. It was a race between me on the new Alpine 6 and Ariel’s race driver Si Clark in a Nomad. First one to the bottom of the mountain wins…. However, I can’t tell you who won or any much more than that! The film will be launched on 20th November, don’t miss it!ben-ariel

With the famous urban downhill race, Taxco, just around the corner, what are you doing to prepare for it? To be honest it’s been a bit of a mad rush for me this year. I’ve just finished my 12 week rehabilitation program on my shoulder, so it’s just been a case of trying to get some DH laps in and a few training sessions in the gym. I’m not as fit or strong as I’d like to be so I’m going to go and have some fun next week and forget about the result.

Tell us a little bit more about your 324 downhill bike. (Bike check) This years 324 has got a few changes and upgrades to last years model. It now has added stability with the a wider bottom bracket (83mm), ISCG05 mounting and 150mm rear wheel spacing for a stiffer rear end. I’m also a fan of the kit and spec you can personally choose when building your own 324. I’ve gone for the Sram X0 drivetrain but opt for the Shimano Saint brakes (I like the bite from them!) The wheelset I’ve gone for this year is the Raceface Arc 30’s which to date seem bombproof. Had a call from the guys at HT a few weeks ago and after doing some testing, I’m stoked to be running their X2 pedals.

HT Components X2 pedalsimg_0665





You don’t have the best track record with Taxco, what happened the past couple of years? Hahaha! Yeah, Taxco seems to be a place where I seem to go on a hunt for concrete houses or face planting the landing ramps! In 2014 I broke my scaphoid in practice, I still raced the next day in a great deal of pain but could hardly hold onto the bars. In 2015 I broke my foot in practice but also raced the next day to finish middle of the field. This year, I’m hoping to finish unharmed!

What do you hope to do differently this year? I’m going to skip practice and go straight for the race….!! Jokes! I’ll be taking it easy and scoping other riders lines up to the race day.

What’s the appeal of urban downhill to you? I love the fact that locals have the same chance as everyone else. It seems to be the fairest way of racing to me. You arrive on the Thursday, practice Friday and race Saturday. There’s no worry that the locals have spent the past 3 months on the course! I also love ‘man made’ style of course. I like big jumps and ‘freeriding’ so Urban DH fits the bill for me 🙂



Well we wish you the very best next weekend bro! From all of us at Downhill 24.