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Beauty and the beast // Mercedes-Benz // UCI World Cup Fort William // 2018.


It’s that time of year again, and that means only one thing!! You got it!! Race season kick’s off again, going back to The Bill again for the 15th year since Tracy Moseley won there in 2002 and Chris Kovarik having the biggest winning margin there to date 14.02 sec!!

Fort William World Cup only gets better and better each visit, masses of history at this venue and it’s one hell of a place to be!!. 

Around 20,000 humans make way for the mountain’s of the Nevis range, that in its self is something else!! Sunday the floodgates open and it’s then the atmosphere really kicks in! the pro’s having selfies with fans etc interviews and so on, all the while the racers are getting in the race mode to attack that super GNAR track to try and take that top step. This year we will see a lot of new changes from over the years, we have been told there are some amazing new features along the way!!. 

The Track:

Gondola assisted unless you want to walk it to the top and then get a lift back to the bottom? Either way its just amazing to be on the mountain side.

Aonach Mor, the 9th highest mountain in the UK. The track is around 2.8KM long and descents 555m, Riders need physical strength and fitness, bike skills and most of all they want to WIN!!.

If you’re on the mountain it’s a wise choice to bring some very good walking boots if taking it to the top, rain jacket, midge nets and spray, a good comfy backpack, food, water, umbrellas, sunny’s and sunscreen!! ;-).

The Gondola ride is just amazing, most of the track can be seen from this!


Fans LOVE IT!!.



From the top, there’s a cafe, and the famous start hut!.


Wyn Masters showing us why he is the Wheelie Wednesday KING!. Some funny things happen on the boardwalk, click on the picture!!




Greg is just exceptional, there’s being a good racer and a good rider, Greg is an example of a both. Can he do it again this year at Fort Bill?



Greg Minnar…the myth! 2017 saw him take his 20th race win!


Not forgetting the fast and furious Gwinner, he can also turn up the pace on the day!!.


Miss Seagrave, She’s fast, ready to attack, there are so many great ladies in the woman’s elite field!! It’s going to be a great race!!.

Not forgetting Rachel Atherton and many of the other fast ladies out there!! Last year Rachel took a hard slam and dislocating her shoulder, tough and ready to have revenge? Another lady shredder that’s a danger to the other’s, what could the outcome be?.



Tracy Hanna, last years winner, could she do it again? The speed and skills are there, another strong contender!!


Tracy on the top step, this could be a close race on Sunday!!.


A little something to look forward to and think about, it’s around the corner, keep an eye out on Instagram over the weekend!.

See you on the Mountain people!!