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The beautiful side of downhill – interview with Miss Peaches

Interview with Miss Peaches. Monster Energy Local Marketing Manager , Downhill rider and such a great person!


Let’s start from the beginning of your „career“. How did it started?

Before getting into mountainbiking I was riding motocross bikes for about 5 years. I used to live on the countryside so riding the mx bike was just a natural thing to do. However, when I moved to Vienna after finishing high school, there was just not enough time to ride the mx bike anymore.

I have always believed that riding MX and downhill biking are quite the same. But it is definitely not. Franz Grossmann (@grossmann.f) got me into riding downhill bikes as he was a passionate freeride biker himself and I simply fell in love with riding on two wheels again.

It didn’t take long until I decided to buy a proper DH bike myself.



What are your goals for the upcoming season?
My goals are to just ride a lot more and push myself as much as I can. I love giving new drops and jumps a try and I just want to progress more and more while having a good time!

I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. When I feel like I have made a progress during the day, I feel satisfied and this keeps me going and motivated.

Did you ever see the surprised faces as you bring a helmet on or maybe the girl in DH is not surprising anymore?


Most of the surprised faces come from people who are not into this sport. In the MTB scene itself it’s more and more common that girls ride and it’s not really “surprising” anymore. But girls in the MTB scene are still very unique and guys keep talking a lot 😉

Do you prepare a lot for the season? Or just treating it like fun?

Actually, I am not really riding too much in the winter time. The Austrian climate is a bit rough and I hate it when I’m freezing. Downhill riding is a big hobby and a real passion but I like to keep it fun.


Besides being a bike rider, you are also a model. Did you ever showed up at photo session with bruises?

Haha, that’s a good question. That definitely happened a view times before and the photographers are not really happy about it. I’ve also been at castings with my fresh and still not healed scars from the collar bone surgery, … But bruises and injuries definitely do not fit in the model business.


In sum up, tell me three words which describe you?

crazy, multifaceted, ambitious

Miss Peaches:


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