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A Year with Antidote Carbon Jack – Part 1

Part #1 Presenting the bike Antidote Carbon Jack has been my personal bike for over a year by now. I’ve ridden it mostly on my wet local trails around Gothenburg in Sweden, but it has also seen the vicious rocks and ecstatic jump lines of Norway, single tracks in Poland and Czech …

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Catching up with UNNO Founder Cesar Rojo

Cesar Rojo

Recently I had a pleasure to talk to Cesar Rojo, one of the best known figures in mountain bike design. We talked about many things; what goes into making of carbon bicycle frames: the technology, the testing, the Asia vs Europe and USA, also the issue of environmental impact of …

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Interview with Mirka Garland from Super Alloy Racing


There’s been a lot of stir in the bike suspension world lately. Three years ago we could see a significant leap in development of air springs in forks and shocks with introduction of large volume negative chambers like Vorsprung Corset, RS Debonair or Fox Evol as well and increased tunability …

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