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Richard is crazy about bikes and has been riding bikes his entire life (although only started riding downhill in 2015). From bike maintenance to custom work, if it looks sick, Richard will probably write about it. One of our resident photographers, you might also have seen him out at UCI events, national championships and other bike events.

Leogang Quali Results – Aaron Gwin & Tracey Hannah Fastest

Leogang Quali Results

We’ve heard it all week…times are going to be tight in Leogang, wagon wheels aren’t fair, etc. etc. etc. Now we know the Leogang Quali Results. Well guess what, Gwin put in a smashing quali, finishing 2.2 seconds before Greg Minnaar and almost 3 seconds before Troy Brosnan, all who …

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Leogang Race Analyzer

Leogang Race Analyzer

The 3rd stop of the UCI DH World Cup is currently underway here in Leogang with Timed Training finishing earlier today, with Bernard Kerr, Troy Brosnan and Aaron Gwin taking Top 3 spots at the Men’s and Eleonora Farina, Vaea Verbeeck and Myriam Nicole rocking the women’s field. The Junior results are as …

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Catch up with the action – Fort William BDS RAW

Fort William BDS RAW

The British Downhill Series at Fort William traditionally turns into a mini World Cup, with a lot of the WC riders using the extra track time to make sure they know the track inside and out. It also gives the racer a massive spectacle, and this year was no different. …

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Lords of Lourdes – UCI MTB DH World Cup Results

Lords of Lourdes

The UCI DH MTB World Cup is back for 2017 with the first stop having just finished in the French town of Lourdes. An eventful first stop; Rachel Atherton continues the streak, Miranda Miller’s first “professional” World Cup, Santa Cruz rolling on 29 wheels, Tahnee Seagrave qualifying in first (with …

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TRP Slate T4 – How they match up!

Trp Slate T4

We know what you’re thinking right now – what the f*ck are the TRP Slate T4, can I eat it and doesn’t Gwin use those? Well, you’re on the right way – you can’t eat them, Gwin does use TRP, just not the Slate T4, which is TRP‘s latest trail-brake …

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3F: F*ckin’ Fast Fuzz


The launch of the Fuzz was a huge milestone moment for NS. It was a complex project that proved to be a really serious challenge for our team. But looking back, we have to admit it – it’s a f&^%# great bike! The Fuzz has been thrashed and flipped by …

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Hubba Hubba: Checking out the Dartmoor Reel Pro

Reel Pro

Wheel hubs are simple contraptions when you just look at them quickly. An aluminum construction with holes for your spokes, juiced up with some bearings and inside of it an axle that spins around. Sounds easy, right? But take a closer look and you’ll see that the hubs are actually …

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How to Shoot a Next-Level Epic GoPro Edit


The times when a simple GoPro video was enough to show that sick trail you just rode have long gone. Shaky footage, a partially visible rider, an excess of blue skies – that was all the rage back in the days, but that’s no longer the case. Tech is rapidly …

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Fox 2017 – Check out the New Collection

2017 Fox

We recently hooked up with the premier bike clothing manufacturer in order to bring you a preview of the new Fox 2017 line. Some of this, you might have already seen out in the wild, others will be new. Their new offering is quite substantial, so you’re guaranteed to find …

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Santa Cruz Syndicate Announces 2017 Team


So after months of speculation (and a lot of right guesses), the Syndicate has finally announced their roster for 2017! Like many of you thought, Luca Shaw and Loris Vergier will be joining legend Greg Minnaar for 2017. And it wouldn’t be the Syndicate if there wasn’t a hilarious video …

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