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Atlas Air Brace – first look

First Look:

Neck Protector Atlas Air.
Altas air brace

The red packaging is minimalistic, but classy, adorned with the brand’s logos and some basic information about the product hidden inside – the Atlas Air Neck Protector.

As we open the box, we get that familiar new product smell, the one associated with a high quality product finish – think BMW, not Dacia. What’s inside? Well, not a lot; the product and some sizing pads. Works for us!
atlas air brace

The Air feels nice and is built solid as a rock, which is very important. The main elements of the brace are the two pieces that go around the neck. The porous structure makes this very nice to the touch and creates a very pleasing aesthetic. The material is flexible and returns to its original shape, even when bent excessively. There are holes for bolts, which allow us to assemble the entire brace and the top is finished off with a matte decal, while “below” the surface, you can find velcro straps to attach the sizing pads. Plastic hooks on the outside allow us to attach this to the chest protector.
atlas air brace

Chest support – exactly the same construction as above, but this velcro is non-removable. The support system attaches to the rest of the brace by means of one bolt.
air brace atlas chest support

Both pieces of the brace are joined together with a rubber bridge, which is finished with aluminum nuts, allowing us to create one solid construction. They also double as the upper back support and flex point.
Air Brace rubber

The main decal is more than just for aesthetic purposes – it also serves to cover the holes for the bolts, makes cleaning easier and yes, it does make everything look nicer. Practical and eye-catching at the same time.

The brace is very straightforward to put on and take off, even in gloves. One click and you’re set.

The sizing is controlled in two parts – the first part is on the underside of the upper part. Sizing pads are attachable through velcro, allowing you to customize at what height the protector works.
Atlas air pads

The two “wings” on the back, which make up the Back Support system, give us the option to customize the protector angle, giving you the possibility to get that perfect fit, which you don’t see in a lot of lower-end neck braces.

Atlas back support

The Hybrid Straps – Atlas’ way of naming their Chest Support – keep everything stable while the protector rests on your shoulders.
przemo kita atlas air

You’ll also find an instruction manual, some stickers and a tape measure (Guide Size) in the box. Stay tuned for our full test, coming soon!

Site – www.atlasbrace.com

Weight – 1.3 lbs (599 g)

SM 33” – 36” (84cm – 92 cm)
MD 37” – 41” (94cm – 104 cm)
LG 42”+ (106+ cm)

MRRP – $329.99

Text – Adrian Hejmej/Richard Bos
Photo – Przemysław Kita/Adrian Hejmej
Video – Adrian Hejmej
Model – Tomasz Tlałka Hi5RacingTeam