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Antoine Bizet’s Rose Soul Fire “Rampage”

Antoine “Double Backflip” Bizet recently hit us up on our Instagram with some photos of his custom Rose Soul Fire “Rampage” edition for a Bikecheck. We’ve gotta say we’re normally not fans of those bright colorways, but knowing Bizet’s personality, the bike matches the man!

Antoine switched from Kona to Rose in the 2016 off-season and has been ripping it up this year, joining riders like Torquato Testa, Anthony Messere, Jakub Vencl and Tobias Wrobel. Good choice, my friend 😉 Back when he joined, he had the following to say;

“I am super motivated to ride for Rose. I like all their bikes from freeride to dirt and enduro, and I’m super excited to finally ride a Slopestyle bike. I will rock The Jester Slopebike a lot in 2017. My Jester will be almost a normal factory The Jester II, I’ll just have some fresh Michelin tires on it, a badass Fabric Seat and some sick Fabric grips. I´ll have TRP Cycling brakes and all of this will roll on Spank wheels, while being strongly guided by Spank stem and handlebars! Get ready 2017, we’re all set for some big riding sessions!” 

Looks like he’s doing a lot more than just riding that Jester II. Take a quick look at Antoine Bizet’s Rose Soul Fire below!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any close up shots from him, but hey, consider this a “First Look” and we’ll make sure to catch up with him again later. Right now, we’ll let him prepare for the upcoming Red Bull Rampage, which will have fans around the world glued to their screens, courtesy of Red Bull TV.

Will Antoine throw down another double backflip? Only time will tell!

Antoine Bizet


Antoine’s Build: 

Frame: Rose Bikes Soulfire

Fork: Rockshox Boxxer Team

Wheels: Spank Spike Race33

Tires: Michelin Wild Mud (Front) and Michelin Wild Rockr 2 (Back)

Rear Shock: Fox Float X2

Crankset & Derailleur: SRAM X0

Brakes: TRP