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Interview with Andreu Lacondeguy

We’ve catched up lately with Andreu Lacondeguy to speak about his bikes, his plans and why does he prefers FEST series more than the Rampage…


Hey, How many bikes do you have?  

I have lots of them. I like bikes a lot so i try to have a lot of them. Right now i use my tues 26 custom for jumping and my capra to walk the dogs and go for pedal rides ( they call it enduro now days) .

Which one do you ride most often?  

The bike i ride the most might be my capra. I go cruise around the hills with my dogs as much as i can so i ride that one a lot.  I also ride my dh bike a lot and now I’m building some fest lines in the yard of the new farm i just bought.


What is the bike check of your favourite bike?  

i ride a YT industries Tues with a custom 26 inch wheel rear end  , with boxer airs , code brakes , lite springs , sraam cranks xo. I ride conti tires and the hope wheels are the best out there forsure!


What is your favourite trail?

King Kong in Utah!

What was the worst injury you ever had?  

couple broken bones bot not too crazy. i try to stay safe as much as i can.


Do you often ride with your brother?

I ride with my brother alot! we are working on some projects together right now so its sick to spend some time with him!


what are your plans for upcoming season?  What competitions, events are you going to compete in?  

i will be riding the fest series together with a few more events! i will also work on my new farm and bring some new tricks to the table!

Which trick is your favourite?

 360’s all day , nothing flows better than a 360 degree whip


Do you treat your MX bike as a training? Does it help you to ride better on your bike ?

i don’t really train , i ride  dirtbikes because i love them!


What is your MX bike? How many ccm? 2 or 4 stroke?  

I have a Yamaha yz 125 , yz 250 and yzf 250. Diatribes are awesome!


What is your personal opinion about Red Bull Rampage? Do you think we need more events like this? Why is it so unique?  

I used to be a bigger fan of it back in the day. I think that there’s way too much people involved that has nothing to do with bikes and that makes the hole event less fun. Its a real Freeride event  for sure but from my point of view it needs a different format.


What do you think about Fest Series? Why is it so popular?

  Fest Series is the best thing that ever happened to freeride since NWD. People loves it because its just Honest , its raw , its real… there’s no marketing guy trying to make it look extreme or professional… its just us doing our thing and our thing its pretty dam good!


Who are your sponsors for this year?

My sponsors are all dream brands for me… I’m so stoked to work with brands that i always looked up to!  Fox clothing , Redbull , Oakley , Sraam , sensus , continental , buff , hope and my favourite one YT ind!!!!


Photos: Red Bull Content Pool , Andreau Lacondeguy Instagram.