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Aaron Gwin Vallnord crash :(

Unfortunately Aaron will miss the next WC at Les Gets… How you get back fast!

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Well here’s what ended the weekend for me. Had been brushin this tree every lap but got a little off balance in the dust and nailed it. This was last lap of practice before the race and man was really startin to feel good that morning. Disappointing start to the season to say the least but we’ll be back. Hurt both shoulders in the crash. Flew home yesterday, gonna go see my doctor today and hopefully get some good news so I can be back soon. Thanks to my team for all the love I’m so bummed I’ve gotta miss Les Gets was really lookin forward to that one. Congrats to my boy @jackmoir_ for holdin it down Saturday with a top 10 I know the struggles you’ve fought through this year and I’m proud of ya dude. Keep you guys posted when I know what’s up. 👊🏼 @gopro #hero7black @intensefactoryracing

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