We haven’t heard from Zumbi for quite long, but now, after some business reconstruction they are back in game, willing to show us off their modified trail flagship called F11. Been lucky to test it recently – Downhill24 is bringing You a freshest thoughts on how does the things go on really fat tire.


Zumbi Cycles ain’t a new brand. In fact it’s gona be celebrating 20th anniversary soon! But now, totally on its own, with entirely new workshop. More! Every customer can go for a factory tour with Zumbi creators in person! From the beginning this European brand was building mostly a custom made constructions, and actually this also has changed. Now a standard geometry bicycles (or frames) are being offered without the previous 30 days grace period to wait.











Although most of the nowadays bikes have that hydro-formed, sometimes sick dimension tubes, Zumbi gone for more oldschool look based on straight and perfectly round aluminum 7020. That’s not all what brings our thoughts back to cool 90’s  when we were yet young and handsome. That second trigger is the CNC machined way of manufacturing the linkages and other parts of the Zumbi frames. With raw aluminum finish it lacks only the anodized components and skinwall tires to give a proper retro-look. The individual interpretation of super smooth and well known virtual-pivot system suspension, called by Zumbi an ‘FPS’ has already shown its strength in multiple crazy races like famous Mega Avalanche, but now with fox kashimas on both sides it works literally like gold

Must admit today we are pretty sentimental and who would thought some-day we’ll said this: building whole Zumbi’s line of bicycles on shimano in this sram-dominated times looks like a huge brake-out from strong market tendency. Fortunately Japanese 1×11 set works like we knew it from the past – fast and silent.

People responsible for all the final touches have taken care of the rest of components: Race Face dropper post, cranks and front-end, all in well-matching sizes (like 780mm handlebars, 50mm stems).




Summing up, it’s a pity these bikes cannot be shipped (and delivered) with tubeless set already installed and sealed, couse this is the only thing holding You back from taking it for a ride straight after unboxing. Can’t believe Maxxis High Rollers 2 in 29 inches carry on so fast! Or maybe this all thanks to the lightweight wheels?


With the mentioned traditional look, some conservancy in geometry goes with. For part of You this might be odd but these handbuild bicycles resisted the omnipresent trend to lengthen top tubes to the absurd.  In opposition we are given with quite moderate reach and chainstays emphasizing on stability. Big wheels, and an optimal 67 deg head-angle produce a machine suitable to be used either in bikeparks and on naturally wild trails. No matter if wanted to go up- or down the hill, We always had that feel of confidence, like when driving good old jeep wrangler:  just seat comfy and pedal.






If You miss the colorful CNC-epoque of Your teenagehood or looking for an ultimate buildup… or both (especially due to the fact that experience comes with an age), this might be a choice for You. A custom order allows to choose everything starting from specific geometry, additional bits and bobs to end up with airbrushed polka-dot paint or engraved motto. This all can be done by Zumbi for some extra money.



If not, in standard cash we are getting components at least similar to other brands and that sense of pride because the frame You’re riding at the moment was built by a living human… this is quite rare this days don’t You think?
check more on: https://zumbicycles.com/where-to-buy/







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